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Surf II

Just watched this movie. 1983 surfer comedy on the level of a Troma film, written by a dude on heavy painkillers. Can only be made in 80s southern California. Eddie Deezen as the bad guy. As impenetrable as Linear A documents.

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Trucking 1970s

Sometimes when I get to web surfing I latch onto something that catches my interest, and then I start stream-of-consciousness link clicking. The road I went down to today is the truckers road. I must have been on a nostalgia kick today. It started with some comments I read about Dave Chapelle’s recent un-pc standup […]

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Neon Museum, Las Vegas NV

The Neon Museum at 770 North Las Vegas Blvd illuminates Las Vegas’ history of hospitality. Features: the first Hard Rock Cafe guitar sign in the world, standing at 80 feet. Sahara, Algiers, Moulin Rouge Hotel and more. I didn’t realize that hotels don’t own their signs. The signs are leased from the sign company (typically […]

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